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Convenient In-Home/Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Stop the stress of rushing to the hospital when you could be enjoying a relaxing experience at home. If it is not convenient for you to visit one of our locations, Peace of Mind will collect your samples via Mobile Phlebotomy Services, from wherever you and at a time it suits you.


Looking for mobile phlebotomy services or in-home blood work services?

Peace of Mind is created for you. The first step to a healthy, safe, and hassle-free life

Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that our expert phlebotomists are right there with you at your convenience. We offer high-quality, fast, professional, and friendly mobile phlebotomy services at your doorstep using the highest standards in blood collection procedures.

Looking to get bloodwork

Looking to get bloodwork done at home?

Peace of Mind is designed to bring state-of-the-art phlebotomy services directly to you, making blood work more convenient and comfortable. We remove uncertainty and add reliability.

Recommended by Physicians.


Trained to meet your medical needs

Our innovative blood phlebotomy services are more convenient, accessible, and effective than traditional blood draws, scheduled where patients are most comfortable ensuring lab results without weeks of delays.

Trained to meet your Medical Needs

Our Innovative services is a doctor approved solution convenient blood
draws scheduled where patient’s are most comfortable we ensure lab results
without weeks of delays.

Hippa Complaint Private and Safe

Reduce the anxiety of mental health care we’re trained at keeping things
smooth and easy as possible by staying at home your patients are more calm
and comfortable in a familiar environment less travel means less stress.


We send patients a text confirmation of their appointment. Additionally we call the patient

Hippa Complaint Private and Safe

You may have a busy schedule, a job, a family, mobility limitations, transportation limitations, time limitations, and needle phobia. We understand that you may have these phlebotomy sessions done by experienced and compassionate people at Peace of Mind, Illinois


We send patients a text confirmation of their appointment. Additionally, we call the patient to give them a status update on their current blood work.

how it works

1. Book your appointment

Select the desired time for Home Blood Draw Services to come to your home or office.

2. We collect your samples

We come to your home or office to collect blood/urine samples, which are delivered to the lab for processing.

3. Get your lab results

You receive your results from the lab as per your convenience.

Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home or during hectic office hours, we bring our Mobile Blood Work Services to you.


Bringing Home Blood Draw Services to you, wherever you are.
At your Home
At your office
All over Northern California
Ready to partner with Peace of Mind?

Whether you prefer your Dr to collect your labs or want to make sure you’re getting the best care and value for your lab visits; Peace of Mind is the answer!

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule a time for your visit to your home or office on the day of your

Our experienced team, trusted over 400 physicians make blood work easier and more convenient.

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