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About Us

Peace of Mind brings you certified and experienced mobile phlebotomists that offer a more convenient, comfortable, and cost-efficient way to access laboratory tests.

Trusted Partners

Peace of Mind is not a laboratory. We’re trusted by major laboratories to collect, transport, and deliver your samples. Here are sone of the labs we have partnered with:

how it works

1. Book your appointment

Select the desired time for Home Blood Draw Services to come to your home or office.

2. We collect your samples

We come to your home or office to collect blood/urine samples, which are delivered to the lab for processing.

3. Get your lab results

You receive your results from the lab as per your convenience.

Common questions about our phlebotomy/drug testing services

Yes, we work with many insurance plans. However, we cannot bill Medicare or Medicaid directly. For anyone who is not covered by a participating health plan or for whom these services are not needed in reasons such as being homebound, our first option will be to provide them with an insurance claim form.

The easiest way to pay for services is to schedule your next appointment online and make a payment from your credit or debit card over the phone. We will work with you to make sure you stay committed to your appointment!

Yes! We are ready to help you with your diagnostic lab kit collection and specialty testing needs. Our technician will collect the specimens, process them according to the kit instructions and follow up with FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL for shipping purposes.

One-time fee for same day emergency appointments on a per draw basis is $150. One-time fee on a per draw basis for a pre-scheduled appointment is $100.

Our services are available all over Northern California. We are willing to come further to reach but under certain cirumstances, restrictions do apply.

Yes, we cater to everyone. In the case of a patient with special needs, we carry out the procedure with utmost sensitivity and pay extra attention to the patient’s well-being.

Your samples are delivered safely to the lab, where the doctors have your results. We do not have any copies of your lab results. Kindly, contact your prescribing physician for a copy of your test results. Incase of any other problem, feel free to contact us.

Yes. However, we ensure that our technicians follow all required Covid-19 precautions to administer the tests safely without compromising the health of our patients. 

The laboratory is changing with our newest technologies. We provide customers with a safe environment and a comfortable and economical way to access testing services. This type of service eliminates most of the issues seen in the past by providing patients the most convenient, comfortable, and cost-efficient way to get their labs done – ensuring clients are Physically and mentally cared for during their drug test/blood draw appointment.

Blood Draws are critical to our ability to protect patients and contribute to the medical field. With your support and confidence, we can efficiently provide better service.

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